4 comments on “Sour Apples: My Apple Gripes

  1. here’s another cute Apple trick. I just found out that my iMac is now officially obsolete. MOUNTAIN LION WILL NOT RUN ON ANY MAC PURCHASED BEFORE 2007. So what do I do now. I guess I go back to PC’s.

    • Thanks for the reply, Jim. I hate to break it to you, however, if you had a five-year-old PC, you wouldn’t be able to run Windows 8 when it is released this fall. There’s also a good chance that your five-year-old PC wouldn’t run at all to begin with.

  2. No jimmoody’s 5 year old PC probably wouldnt run, BUT a quick drive down to PC world to buy $100 worth of mem or CPU upgrades would have got his PC back to new and working win7 or win8 again. As for his MAC? mmm, sorry jimmoody, best go out and buy another MAC then? $999…!!! I think You better go back to a machine that you my friend CAN upgrade at anytime in its life. Software AND hardware!

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