3 comments on “iPhone 5: An Old Friend, New Again

  1. I get what you’re saying….keeping things familiar, and allowing intuition to define the user experience, but the iOS UI was brand new in 2007. It was a bold departure from previous devices, and it was intuitive enough then. I think a lot of people are looking to Apple to continue to define what the user experience should be. To release a device which is a thinner, lighter, faster version of what they released 5 years ago isn’t necessarily the answer.

    Steve Jobs loved this quote from Henry Ford: “If I had asked what people wanted, they would’ve said ‘faster horses'”.

    I really was hoping for more than a faster horse from Apple this time around.

    • I’m not so sure they don’t have some tricks up their sleeves yet with this hardware. May be saving some stuff like wifi direct and a files.app or even tv functionality for an event in October.

      That said, our Sour Apples post talks about many of our concerns with letting iOS get so long in the tooth. Live icons, more accessible settings, files app, and a refreshed paint job would be welcomed.

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